Installation with pip

RestAuth is also also included in PyPI. That makes it very easy to install this library using pip and virtualenv:

virtualenv RestAuth
cd RestAuth
source bin/activate
pip install RestAuth

All non-source files are installed into RestAuth/. The configure RestAuth, copy the example configuration file in RestAuth/config/ to RestAuth/config/

cp RestAuth/config/ RestAuth/config/

Next steps

Now that you have installed RestAuth, you still need to

  1. configure your webserver
  2. configure RestAuth
  3. setup your database


To update to a new release, just use pip install -U inside your virtualenv:


All changes to source files (e.g. the wsgi script) will be overwritten. If you need to make changes, copy the file to a different location first.

source bin/activate
pip install -U RestAuth

... and be sure to follow the update instructions.

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