Installation on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)

RestAuth is not included in Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The current version does not ship with a Python interpreter that works with it, so it is hardly possible to install RestAuth on the current version of that distribution.


Since RestAuth is already included in Fedora, it will be included in the next release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Installation on Fedora

RestAuth is included in Fedora 16 or later. To install RestAuth, just do:

yum install restauth

Once you have installed RestAuth, you can go on configuring your webserver and configuring RestAuth.

Next steps

Now that you have installed RestAuth, you still need to

  1. configure your webserver
  2. configure RestAuth
  3. setup your database

Updating the source

You can update the source code with the regular process:

yum update restauth

... and be sure to follow the update instructions.

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